Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Everyone Romance music video

We enlisted some catpeople and plants for our Everyone Romance video.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Record Release at Kings on August 3

Facebook RSVP:

Full Length Vinyl/CD/Digital release – self-titled album by Once and Future Kings
August 3rd at Kings Barcade, Raleigh, NC
Opener: Wichita Falls (Will Clinton and members of North Elementary, Some Army)
Ender: AK-87 (a glitchy electronic set for the afterparty)

About the record:
Once and Future Kings (OFK) puts on display an emotional range not attempted in previous records: love and depression, isolation and community, nostalgia and longing for future. For the most part OFK sets aside the political tones common in the two previous EPs and dives into the personal. The lyrics represent an evolution as well - they are less terse, and they weave a common thread among the songs through shared metaphor. The record eschews the contemporary trend of micro-genres and instead leans on variety. In this vein, songs range in complexity. Whether it's a two chord song or a ten chord song, OFK works on the interplay of eerily familiar melodies that morph into moments of unexpected awe. Pleasant drama is the aim. New member and cellist Kaitlin Grady helps move Once and Future Kings toward that aspiration. Jess Edison takes on keys in the absence of the former keys player. Rush Enterline adds nuance and character to each song with his guitar work. The rhythm section (Matt and "Bearded" Matt) add more energy and faster tempos than previous records.

Cello: Kaitlin Grady
Drums/Percussion: Matt Austin
Guitar: Rush Enterline, Jess Edison
Bass: Matthew "Bearded" Robinson
19th Century Piano/Rhodes/Synth: Jess Edison
Vocals: Jess Edison
Backing Vocals: Kaitlin Grady, Rush Enterline, Matt Austin, Matthew Robinson, Jess Edison
Mixing and Production: Jess Edison

Artist Statement:
When vocal harmonies were out of style we used them throughout our songs. Now that harmonies are the latest thing we use them more sparingly. As contemporary records get louder and louder, we made a record with dynamic range, which can be made louder with a volume knob. It's not that we're anti-zeitgeist. We are just more concerned with art than fashion. Like every artist we borrow from others, but we try to take a longer view. We borrow rhythms from the 20's, melodies from the 60's, textures from the 70's and 2009, or whatever. But we aren't trying to "mix styles" like, say, Beck. We are definitely a rock band that likes to be a little weird and plays minor chords in odd places. In the past two years we have gelled as a band and have begun to work like a democracy. Our live shows have blossomed. We have conquered new processes in our writing. Some of the songs on this record were written during a seven year time span, with significant evolution and editing. Some were written instantaneously in a jam session. So the record represents equal parts intellect and instinct. We think it's a record best heard while reading the words.
Link to Listen:


1. Hungry Just Because 04:00
cursed, listless in the ocean
bird around your neck
a god that doesn’t work
looking for the earth
wingman where you going?
that boat was for us all
we’re hell bent we’re hell bent
chart our course by the stars
the ones that are not shooting
lit their final spark
hungry for the dark
mark it on our map
steering clear of sirens
the wind stalls and tosses us
albatross is bitter
ghost ship in the winter
hungry just because
feel the ghost heart beating
faster than our sails

2. Hologram 03:30
girl, you find a flash mob is curled at your feet
you know that fashion with a fur isn't free?
but could you try to turn your cheek?
anyway it is your better side
man, will you keep at it until you're dead?
trying to keep your cool as you stand there
now you're counting all the hairs on your head
neither you nor i are feeling it
nobody is really here, the company are manikins
i walk past, i see them in the glass
but i don't see me in them
friend, we should talk about this habit of yours
the rules, you say, are made to ignore
but you can't explain the bolted doors
your strategy is failing you
see, i've got a different way of viewing the world
the system, it needs mending for sure
isolate yourself, the problem's ignored
like bodies stuck in an ice age
you tried to be unique but you became the same
nobody who ever really cared has been a
passive activist
your argument's thin

3. Candelabras 03:24
we bend the streets in spite of fevers
prospects, like sand, are caught in hourglass
tiptoeing under candalabras
the night is young a camera captures
creep on the case with walnut finish
swift shadows weave across the rails, they dance
imparting tiger stripes on people
wide eyes in trance, the floor’s a jungle
star power on your crystal beaches
reflection pools are floating images
we know you had the best intentions
divine your past when something’s missing
entrusted to you countless hours
toes deep in mud we laughed and learned to trust
good tiding when the waves came rushing
it’s sinking in, the water glistens
you can’t really sob because it's been a long time coming
you try to retrieve what you lost,
but your heart’s still beating
and sure the memories have their place
just not in my face, not on my home base
the feelings can fly, after all they’re weightless
i could just die, wouldn’t that be something?
i’ve given my time, it’s time I’m moving
the pictures I’ve got of you by now are vintage
rehearsal has gotten old just stop.

4. Constellation 04:40
the universe is a tapestry
my eyes are the brush
and the stars are my ink
we can discover a constellation
we're undercover or so i think
we learn to govern our own creation
instead of serving a holy drink
the energy can turn you on
it's like a world on the inside
the energy can make you smile
and the gravity is undermined
come on people feel the throb
and let it operate inside your heart
around the masses we revolve
and there is no end in sight
the blinking night is my tv screen
the characters push, they love, they weep
if you would suffer imagination
you'd see they fill that empty space
you see they're part of my constellation
they never shoot in the human race
the energy can turn you on

5. Eager Ache of Dew 03:06
i’m admired by the moon as the ocean tugs in two
but i have learned not to wish on stares
because it’s too hard to prove that your moves are really you
if you asked my lips they would not care
we’re a hot car in the summer
we’ve got the cards and a straight face
we’re together evaporating on each other
eyes to eyes face to face
now it’s just me and you at the eager ache of dew
we could lie here all day long
am i out of control
does anybody know
is this not really profound

6. Write On a Willow 04:35
wear your dress in a meadow
the days go by, await the fall
ask me not from your armchair
don’t ask me why you paid the cost
hearts are churning, quite an achiever
the light burns, write on the willow
taking jobs to nowhere
the stars go out, a waste of pain
pass on the cathedral
even seeds will run away
white lies you tell at your peril
the pines shedding their needles
you ask him to travel when trouble comes hither
you ask me if love will keep you together
follow the dream, you have to weather, don’t
wish in your hands, you’re crossing your fingers
i know blue violets are on your radar
you’re better excited in spite of the dribble
i’m watching the middle, watching the middle
one can’t hold a candle to falling. you’ll see a
thunder god won’t keep a secret, it throbs with every
heartbeat, in the calm of spring when you touch it tingles
your weighted doubts will test your feelings
as long as you know it deep inside
you’ll go anywhere you can coincide but
you’d rather be someone going nowhere
than a no one going somewhere else
write on a willow
. . . (“dot-dot dot”)
write with a needle

7. Fire Escape 03:37
the temperature turns our hands into a plank
my mind's made up, it is worse since i complained
if we could just build a fire
all the people gathered round to huddle
every god eeking out in her domain
can you explain the meaning of a contract?
does it put your name on a high high cloud?
in the wilderness, holler out a mantra
we're the ones in charge, stay alive
we’re rescued now, the future’s ours to make
i found my friends on a winter river bank
with them it is not a day job, so to speak
the rapids light a candle, it surely is a bright spot
and you protest and tell me that it was fate
oh but baby yesterday was a plague you made
i have a plan, feel your little heart beat
don’t think, just breathe, stay alive

8. Water in the Mud 03:14
we're coming to a clearing, see the canopy bowing out
every step will rustle, all the roots will be underground
we're walking for a feeling, there's a mystery in the wind
someone isn't breathing, you can tell by the lack of clouds
you want another round? every lost love is good for nothing
you wanna work it out? everyone leaves the record running
we're skipping in the needles, it's hard to keep from spinning out
the others want to meet us in the gully when the sun comes down
we'll break into the clearing, see their faces are beaming high
we can dance on fire and we can wear our native crowns
all the ones we love listing in a circle, rhythms thumping
it's water in the mud
the river is deep but our feet are touching

9. Everyone Romance 05:40
i try to please you know you're about
and then it was your mouth
the revolution won't care
it will fester without us
hell why'd we need electric guards
they won't let me in
the mystery will always live on on on
i remember what it was to forget her
the rain came in our room, had a good loving
we're floating down in a riesling vial
our heads give in, we've got a constant star
everybody that wants this sobs
every garden is a god
everyone romance, everyone romance
hold your lover in a wrap
hold her, hold her
i was never sure why i could never ask why, i
fell beneath my headrest and then it's over
help me through the song
the rain drips on, on the the wind so
i can rise instead, the days you doubt are a conduit
find your dance or sit down
help me get more life from all of it
sigh a bit, just try
we can both get off in a little bit
i had a last try with my friend
where did we go? we might have been something
all the tears are gone bye
but let us assure the pattern is still in the sky
i'll begin to get by, a better dream,
a so-it-seems horizon
the day will come, a July

umbilical strings, the feelings coming untied

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Rock Show


This is going to be a very fun show! Black Taxi is from NYC and Dirty names is from Annapolis, MD.        The last time we played with Black Taxi was killer. RSVP on Facebook here:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kickstarting our New Record

We've got plans! Once and Future Kings is going to record their debut full length record. Lots of people want it to be on vinyl. Others want it to exist. To make it happen they are hosting a Kickstarter campaign. Get details here:

Here is the Facebook event that lists all of our Kickstarter-related events. We're going to be playing several shows so that you can hear the songs that will be on our debut full-length album.

Hmm... what could this be?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SPARKcon Opening Ceremony

Thursday, September 13 at 6pm sharp we are playing THIS venue:

Raleigh Amphitheater, now apparently called Red Hat Amphitheater. Just a few weeks ago, My Morning Jacket and Band of Horses played this place. We're so excited and humbled to have this opportunity.

The doors will open at 5pm and admission is FREE.
However, SPARKcon is selling reserved seat VIP tickets for those that want to help sustain the festival. Check this out for more info on this opportunity:

SPARKcon is a grass roots festival that stands for fostering and showcasing our creative community. This is our third year in a row that we have participated. We love it!