Saturday, June 27, 2009

Emergent Sea: lyrics

LYRICS (repetition omitted):

"I Must Be In A Womb"
what makes her happy are bubble baths and books
the solitude helps in turning the lights off
she feels her body float in syncopated breath
she loses her mind but she knows where her heart's at
she says, "i must be in a womb..."
"i can't swim, but i will be out soon"

help is on the way sir. in its own way sir.
you can trust this information. i have it on authority.
did you notice how people smile wide in their obituary pictures?
how you can never hear the cries above an ambulance's siren?
if help is on the way i'm thinking that it's too late.
love is on the wayside. again i miss the daylight.
it sends a confirmation. i had it on authority.
horizon sits in violet and excited red. despite our tides
the moon will rise to my surprise. it always did.
whose authority? what authority?

"Like A Furious Tempest"
as i sip a coffee suicide (blended some old with some new)
i decide what has been tried isn't always true.
so i threw caution to the wind. i must have breathed it in.
'cause now i'm stone, cold, cowered in fear.
those lies are so white sometimes i could die.
air out my lungs like a furious tempest.

"Here's To Choking"
some of them smile in "-ism" prison
try to keep the lions at their wits end
falling out of the coloring lines
and this heaven ain't good enough for him
you're the bottle i'm the liver
and to their money we are gibbons
going nowhere we're here all weak
and i'm feeling this tie is tongue in cheek
and the clouds are open here's to choking
your tie is tight or your noose is loose
you vie to fight or you choose to choose
put a lemon in charge of your rights
and the citrus stings your starry eyes
hemorrhaged charred and holy smoked oh yeah
the water tap's dry we cry in droves
hauling for our cars and our rents
just to make ends meet or meet our ends

"Hot Enough"
all the ashes silhouette in the bath of the sunset.
this is a fairy tale.
deadly poet's old surprise. happiness is all you write.
it's hot enough to melt through the rods and cones
of a thousand words in spite of love or what used to be love.
ha ha ha yeah.
before the night is over, every life is overdubbed.
lighter fluid rub-a-dub. this is the formula.
it's hot enough.

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