Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lyrics post 2

lyrics for songs not currently attached to albums (minus repetition)...

This Goes On

since the great electricity scare i've been sitting
alone in the dark on a lone central park bench
amusing the homeless with my tales of sadness and sin
about the global position and carbon emissions
of this fabled nation of which i'm a citizen
weather or not is no long the question is it?
this goes on

so could we get your attention dear ladies and gentlemen
it must be so hard from behind your white walls
please excuse is i yell, we're in need of some capital help.
and we refuse to stay quiet on tides high and higher
or wait any longer to gasoline diet
or fail to tell others to try to uncover the truth
if this goes on
we'll see the sun and smile

Conversation in a Mirror

this is a conversation in a mirror
we might as well recycle the bill of rights
this is a sobbing widow in the mourning
this is the look of an ocean in her eyes.
how'd we get so high
we turn opinions like we turn on dimes
we are forgetting what we miss
our purses on our lips
biding time as we bite our tongues
until the day we die
how do we get around?
nobody ever said as good as dead
a revolution is easy
but common sense or failing sense
is getting us as far as it beats me
adoring waves i'm so beret've
i read about this look in the papers
a shower blamed a foggy pane
don't get a face to close to a razor
how did we get so high
that we succumbed to the lullabies
from the purses on our lips
the blisters from our kiss burst
ouching as we bite our tongues
until the day we die
how do we get around?

Stick Together

stick together for the kids
or they'll grow too fast
they'll forget to laugh
and what once was god will be the sea
you never know if it will crash or flow you see
you call yourself a demigod
you get what you see
it could kill someone
and it's too late to have a heart
the calling was a factor
you get what you bleed

Say Hello

it is still winter here
and the sun is treason
it's so cold you would think we all smoke
but say hello to the good times little girl
cause they've never been so free
run the hills, climb the mountains and the trees
as you hide and go seek
soon enough they will make you
dress up like the magazines
they'll sell you voices who sing another's words
like that means anything
exceptions everywhere
they became our beauty
the field is not so simple
i digressed

Test the Waters

test the waters
put one foot in front of the other
cameras on every corner
a terrorist in every soldier
yes sir yes sir oh yes sir yes sir
i forgot i'm not a person

I Drink from a Drip I.V.

you wear a cracked mask
like you've been hurt
iron out the wrinkles from your
golf game head
i fast on pills and air
i drink from a drip i.v.
it's a cathedral but not like a church
i hear the voices but i can't make out
the verses write themselves
i drink from a drip i.v.

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