Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nightlight July 27 -- candidly

1. test the waters
2. this goes on
3. i must be in a womb
4. sirens
5. hot enough
6. conversation in a mirror
7. stick together
8. here's to choking
9. i drink from a drip i.v.

we had a great time at nightlight. it was our first time playing at the artland vortex, and we were impressed. the sound guy knew what he was doing, and the bartender was nice--thanks for the tea! there was a little mixup with cover...the flyers were made and printed with $5 before the cover was set at $3. unfortunately, the memo didn't get to the door and people were charged $5. sorry for the inflation folks! if you attended the show and you are reading this blog entry, we'll make it up to you with two free mp3's. drop us a line and let us know! speaking of which, we announced free downloads to patrons, and we are keeping that promise--we omitted mentioning how on stage, so again: drop us a line---our email address is our band name at gmail dot com.

now to the show! i'll start with one word reviews of the bands preceding us. Pistil-hypnotic. Doomstar!-energetic. our performance, according to the audience, was "amazing". well, like everyone in the audience we were not exactly energetic in the physical sense, but we put every ounce we had into the show. we learned two lessons in this show: take an afternoon nap, and make sure matt has some amps angled his way when the amps aren't in the monitors. we've learned these lessons before, but one forgets lessons.

the crowd was fantastic. more dancing took place than we've ever had a show, primarily thanks to Pistil's members. our music has a beat, i promise!---a free EP to the next person that does a waltz during stick together. to top it off, we were graced with the presence of Betsy Harris, who snapped many a picture; we can't wait to see her art. Secret Carrboro Ninja Patrol also made an appearance, but they are ninjas so we really just "sensed" their presence. let's just say we think a blog is forthcoming.

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