Tuesday, September 14, 2010

30 days hath September

We've had a very eventful September so far, and it's not over yet, because today is September 14.

To start, a once member and founder (Justin/keys/vocals/guitar) moved to Raleigh to become a present member. He played a show with us the next day, and here is one of the songs we played (on Youtube):

That was at Kefi in Wilmington, NC. It was a last minute show, and we were the only band on the bill, so we ended up playing for two and a half hours. We found ourselves following Hurricane Earl. After crashing on someone's floor for the night, we hit up the beach in the morning. Lovely ten foot waves abounded. One of them said "hi" to me by scooping me up and flipping me to my back. Let's just say I was ex foliated by broken seashells.

Then this past weekend, we saw lots of bands at Hopscotch. It was an insane saturation. We met a lot of people, too, because Justin is much less of an introvert than me. In the process, Justin became an employee at Tir Na Nog. He's going to be saying hello to people when they want a seat.

Now we have a show this Friday as part of musicSPARK:

We have two more shows the following week, too, followed by recording sessions for our upcoming EP. We're extremely psyched!

We are also planning a Tennessee weekend tour for Justin's birthday (10/10/10).


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