Saturday, September 18, 2010

our musicSPARK show

We didn't know what to expect from White Collar Crime. Our Matts had been there before, but we had never played a show there before. When Justin and I arrived, we were pleasantly surprised. The place looked pretty cool, and they had a diorama made by a local artist. Everybody that worked there was nice, too. So were the other acts: Antibubbles and Eddie Douché. Eddie generously offered a pair of monitors for us to use during our set, and as a result we were able to hear vocals at WCC better than at some venues that have indie rock shows all the time.

Shortly after 10pm we noticed a crowd starting to trickle in, and we didn't want the fashionSPARK after party to suffer from lack of music, so we took the stage. We were very comfortable. For this show, we decided to try a horseshoe stage plot arrangement. Matt was on the south pole of the horseshoe, I was on the north, and everyone else was in between. We felt more connected this way, and we think we're going to stick with this in the future.

Set List:

1. Here's to Choking
2. Say Hello
3. This Goes On
4. Conversation in a Mirror
5. Stick Together
6. Test the Waters
7. I Drink from a Drip IV
8. Hungry Just Because
9. I Must Be in a Womb
10. Sirens
11. Hot Enough
12. Twenty Watts

After the show, we hung around for Antibubbles. My neck is sore from that. When we were in the audience, we noticed something strange. The crowd was incredibly eclectic. It was almost as if we had been twilight-zoned into an eighties movie with prototypical representatives of different subcultures. I think it's fantastic that musicSPARK caused different strokes to have a shared experience. Shortly after Antibubbles' set ended, we hurriedly kept our RSVP to Tilson's (Goodbye, Titan) birthday DJ party at Jackpot. Justin and I walked/jogged there. We then instigated a dance party. It started off with me. Then Justin and others joined in. Our clan was especially devil-may-care.

Before we left Jackpot, some friends gave feedback on our show, and the compliments were along the lines of "best show ever," "Justin really completes the sound," and "excellent songwriting." Thanks for those! We feel like we're in a good place right now. Some things have been falling into place, and we think our upcoming record will put us on the radar of those who haven't heard OFK.


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