Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Local 506 show by Jess Edison

Last night we played Local 506 for the first time. The sound was great - thanks Rusty and Todd. As the opener, we began to a crowd of the other bands, plus a few more friendlies.

What was more amazing than usual is people walked right up to the stage. The alternative is the bar-hugging type of crowd, in response to which the band thinks, "Hey you back there, yes, we're playing to you." The cool vibe is explained by the fact that the crowd was mostly a bunch of musicians who know that such a gathering is wanted. So thanks to the members of Saint Solitude and Salt to Bitters for doing that, and setting the precedent! We really felt connected to the audience as a result and went through the set in a trance of excellence. I didn't slip on a single lyric, for example.

Set List:
Hologram *
Clockwork *
Hungry Just Because *
Eager Ache of Dew *
Conversation in a Mirror
Constellation *
Here's to Choking
I Drink from a Drip IV

* new / unreleased / potential new album songs

About halfway through the set more people showed up, and after we finished our set, I gave everyone I could see a free copy of Emergent Sea.

Saint Solitude and Salt to Bitters both put on a great show. Both bands coincidentally are on their way to a CMJ showcase in NY.

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