Friday, March 9, 2012

Goings on.

Hello world! We have taken a few months to work on new material.
It has been so fruitful in fact that we now have too many songs to fit on our next album. The new songs are a little different. From my perspective, you can tell that we've absorbed some of the local zeitgeist. But we've also benefited from some reclusive introspection. Much of the new material has come from spontaneous jams that we recorded at rehearsals. After multiple iterations, we mined the takes for our favorite parts. Some of the songs have been mended together like a collage, and one song in particular has been preserved as a virtually identical copy to the original jam - we're actually going to preview this song for the first time at the show (see below). All told we have roughly 17 songs that we have to whittle down to an album, or perhaps we'll simply have a long album. Regardless, in order to record we have to fill in the piggy bank. So we thought it would be a good idea to play a show. We were invited to join a bill at Pour House on March 29. Then we discovered that we're headlining, which should be fun. It's $7 to gain entrance. Proceeds that we receive from this show will go to benefit our next album. I repeat, this is a benefit concert for all the starving ears in the world. - JessE.

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