Monday, April 9, 2012

"There's something new about your sound"

Thank you, we've been working on that. We've been hearing it a lot lately from some folks with an ear - that we sound different, as if OFK is a new band, evolved. We believe you're not just hearing things. After months of writing and rehearsal space isolation, we've undergone a transformation. Some of our cohorts who've mentioned the transformation can't exactly place what it is. We're not exactly sure how to put it into words either. But we are putting more emphasis on newer, unrecorded material. Also, we have allowed certain recorded songs to grow into perhaps more energetic or expressive or detailed versions. The newer songs in general are higher tempo but that energy is tempered by more soul, which we feel is a nice sweet spot.

For FREE, on April 14, we will present to you a rare opportunity to hear the majority of new songs that will be on our next record. We will be recording the show live in preparation for our planned recording sessions this summer. Some of these recordings may even become scratch tracks for the real record.

After our set this Saturday, the duo Future Flutes will keep you alert with an indie electronic set. OFK's Rush Enterline may even join in the creation process.

Click through the link for details:

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