Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 3, Local Band Local Beer

Several months ago I created a Facebook event and a page about voting AGAINST amendment one. The event and page quickly went viral, not because of any special powers possessed by me, but because people really care about this issue. I whipped up a Vote Against design that has since gone viral as well. You can see a modified version in the flyer above. But in the beginning there was a lot of clamoring for shirts and bumper stickers. So I created a Cafepress site with essentially all of the requested items, each emblazoned  with the logo. I set each item to generate zero profit for me so that people could buy items at cost, or so I thought. With so many items I missed a few during setup. The result was about $50 in my Paypal account. I had been trying to think of a good way to funnel that money back into the cause, and I have arrived at the following.

I am dedicating my show on May 3 to raising awareness about voting against amendment one. I have used the money to buy more t-shirts, and with much help from my bandmates and friends of the band, we have manufactured some DIY vote against t-shirts. We will be giving away these shirts at the show. I figured this would be a good opportunity to supply shirts to those who can't afford $20, the approximate cost elsewhere. And the show is free as well. 

At this Local Band Local Beer event (10pm at Tir Na Nog, Raleigh) there is always a great sense of community. There are still a lot of people that are undecided about Amendment One or ill-informed. Get informed yourself here or here. Bringing them to an event where the topic will come up naturally is a good way to influence and have a discussion with such people. The local beer will help lubricate the conversation as well.

If you can't make it out Thursday, there are other music and community events throughout the weekend. I will be posting information about these events on the Vote Against Amendment One page. Cheers!

You can RSVP and invite your friends to this event on Facebook:

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